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Second Mystery of the Series



Janet finds her abusive husband, bleeding on their front room floor. Doing what she believes any loving wife would do, she attempts to stop the bleeding  as they anxiously wait for help to arrive.

The officials arrive to find her covered in blood and place her under arrest. 

During her checkup with the parametics, she manages to escape to the safety of the woods.   "What am I going to do where am I going to go, how will I ever survive?" She nervously thinks. She hears search dogs howling in the near distance as she continues to race to freedom.

Mean whiles, the real killer is getting ready for her next kill.

Can the Berryville PD figure out who the real culprit is before more abusive men meet their ultimate demise? 

Can you, the reader figure out this suspenseful whodunit mystery tale?

This book is available in E book format and in print

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mystery, suspense, psychological thriller book.
mystery, suspense, psychological thriller book.

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I knew I was in for a real good books to read when I saw the cover and I wasn't  a bit disappointed. 
The chapters are full of emotions and  imagery. 
I look forward to the next time. I'll look for more of her online books in the book store.

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Such a clever write, I can't wait to read more.

Fantastic work well done .

This is well written, misty. the dialogue is crisp and the suspense builds up. It's a must on books to read

The fast-moving dialogue is so realistic and the story is really interesting. I enjoy your online books