Jeremy  was bullied throughout school because of his horrid disease. He was able to take the belittlement as long as he has Jessica by his side.

This changes when Jessica tells him she's pregnant with his enemy's baby and that she's agreed to marry him.

With nothing left to live for and nothing left to lose, Jeremy decides to go after everyone who's hurt him.

What My Reader's Say


The details and suspense are very dramatic. It had me on the edge of my seat to the end. It's a great book to read. I'll be looking for it at the book store.


It's so well-written the reader wants to come back for more.


I can't wait to read another one of the author's stories.

It's so mesmerizing, I read it start to finish in one setting. 

The story will make you go wow.

It's a brilliant write so absorbing and fascinating I couldn't put the book down.

I'm so glad I downloaded it from the amazon book store

I  fell in love with the characters and do hope you bring them back again.

The story is captivating to the end. 

It's a great book to read you won't be disappointed .