Action-Packed Murder Mystery


                                                      Debt Collector 


Jeff has everything he's ever wanted. A lucrative job, nice home, beautiful wife and two adorable daughters,  he was living the life he and Julie always dreamed of. All of that changed when he was reminded about a debt he owes. He was given an ultimatum, either work for a drug lord or watch his family die a slow, painful death.

How far will he go to protect the ones he loves?

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 Five-Star Reviews

Reviewer's Summary

It's a great books to read, lots of tension and excitement. Kept me on the edge of my seat.

 The characters are very realistic. consistent with their multi-dimensional roles. 

The story has great details, imagery, makes the readers feel they are a part of the scene   


You build up such suspense it grabs the readers attention holds it to the end. The switching of scenarios makes things more exciting, like a TV show.


 I like how you build the suspense and then there is a temporary resolve. I say temporary because with the pace of your action in this well-written novel, it is kind of foreshadowed that not all will go well for long. 

Your sense of mystery is handled well. Your dialogue is well written. There is never a question of who is speaking. You leave the ending so the reader will definitely want to read the next chapter. 

 Super writing, tightly plotted, well constructed and paced.  A  master story-teller!